Compensated focus groups

Focus groups are an invaluable resource to market researchers gauging how well-liked something is by the public.

To be contacted for future focus groups, please be sure that your phone number is provided in your accounts page so we can keep you on our priority list.

Participants are invited to a central location in their local areas where together with 8-10 other people, they discuss social research issues. The sessions last between 90 and 120 minutes, with pay ranging from $75 to $200 for attending.

To get contacted for future focus groups, ensure that your phone number is listed on your accounts page for easy communication.

What does it entail?

When you get to the location, you will sign an audio/video release form and sit in the waiting room, where all refreshments and meals are served. When the session kicks off, a moderator will lead it and ask for opinions on various topics. The payment is given at the end of the discussion.


Please select the ethnic group that best applies to you based on your ancestral/cultural origin, not nationality

Earn Cash Rewards

Earn cash for surveys, focus groups, and many other forms of research. Synchronous Marketing has opportunities for all! You will be paid cash, so you can spend your rewards anywhere.

Shape the Future of Consumer Goods and Services

Companies rely on the opinions of people like you to improve their products and services. Your opinion matters!

Participate in Interesting Studies

Occasionally you will participate in a taste test or get to see new packaging or advertising that hasn’t been released to the public. With all of the different studies we conduct, there’s always something new!